Improve your Mobile Marketing in 4 Easy Ways

mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing has matured and evolved since its inception. The reach has become much broader and multi-faceted than before. If you operate within the mobile marketing eco-system, 2009 was a very auspicious year for you. Your industry rivals became increasingly aggressive and established themselves as brands on a par with the big boys. For brands, this was an opportune time to strengthen their position and improve brand recall at a fraction of the cost and for your customers; it was a chance to get closer to their hearts. You probably also invested in a plethora of mobile platforms and marketing plans.

Did you invest in mobile apps? If you did, you probably invested in more than one. Many people are now able to access and engage with multiple mobile services and programs from the comfort of their home or office. What most marketers and advertisers ignore though, is the power of mobile marketing apps and how they can be used to leverage the social media outlets, apps stores, and mobile websites to target a massive customer base.

What most marketers fail to understand is that there is no limit to the scope of what is marketing can do. It can be used for WhatsApp advertising campaigns to complement other forms of marketing and promotional activities. It can also be used in conjunction with digital channels such as social media marketing, email marketing and PPC. Here’s a quick checklist of the ways that you can leverage its marketing:

1. Engage your customers by offering them something new

With the prevalence of messaging apps on mobile devices today, it is not surprising that your customers have a number of messaging apps installed. By offering them the latest in your brand’s offerings through your mobile marketing app, you will give them a reason to stay loyal to your brand. Offer them a discount or special offer, or a deal that goes beyond what your competitors are offering. This is one way that you can motivate repeat business, and you can increase your open rates for your mobile marketing campaign.

2. Enhance your digital marketing strategy with your mobile marketing app

Many companies have found great success by providing consumers with content on their social media pages, but they don’t provide a complete solution. They might send them occasional coupons, but there is nothing that lets them know that you care about them. By offering a mobile marketing solution, you will not only increase your engagement and open rates, but you will give your audience one more reason to recommend you to their friends.

3. Build your brand by creating content that your target audience can relate to

Content that is relevant to your audience and offers a call to action is far more likely to create an emotional connection with your audience than content that offers no value at all. Your content should connect with your target audience in an organic and authentic way, not just by rehashing the same tired sales message that everyone has been fed since the beginning of time. Digital marketing experts suggest that you take steps to make your content “stick” so that your customers will continue to experience it after they have left your app.

4. Send multiple messages to your customers

If you only have one opportunity to capture their attention, make sure that they really do want to get in touch with you before you close the deal. A great mobile marketing solution allows you to create and send out messages in a multitude of ways. You can send coupons and discounts, send news updates, track sales and track your conversions. The more opportunities that you provide for customers to engage with you, the better chance you have to increase your open rate and conversion ratios.

It’s easy to see how you could utilize mobile marketing via WhatsApp for both your offline and online efforts. However, the best approach is always to take things one step at a time and let mobile marketing automation truly help you reach your goals. Know what your goals are and set yourself up to succeed by consistently delivering on them. If you need more help on this topic, we recommend that you speak with a qualified professional who can help you get started today! With mobile marketing automation, you can ensure that your business is on the right path towards success!