WhatsApp Filter Super Fast Speed

Filter WhatsApp contact instantly. Don't waste time on trying to send messages to non-whatsapp numbers. WhatsApp Filter separates the active and non-active WhatsApp numbers quickly.

Why Use WhatsApp Filter

In this modern era of marketing, time is a precious thing. Marketers cannot afford to lose customers due to lack of rapid communication. Thus, WhatsApp Marketing is a great help for two way communication and brand awareness. There are gazillions of phone numbers in the world but not all of them are on WhatsApp. To avoid wasting time by trying to send messages to Non-WhatsApp numbers, WhatsApp Contacts Filter comes in the first place to start WhatsApp Marketing campaign. It gives you the ultimate feature to filter out the numbers that exist on WhatsApp and save them.

Save Time

WhatsApp contacts filter helps marketers to quickly separate the active whatsapp numbers for sending messages.

Easy Export

You can easily export the active WhatsApp numbers with WhatsApp Filter. The numbers can be used to send messages through WhatsApp Marketing Software.

No Limit

There is no limit to filter numbers. You can separate thousands of numbers anytime.

Enhanced Features

WhatsApp Contacts Filter comes with extensive features that enhance the productivity and usability for users.
  • Use any channel
  • Save numbers in Excel (.csv)
  • Upload unlimited numbers
  • Filters in real time

Software Requirements

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Choose the right plan

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.