Google Maps Data Extractor

This simple tool automates the entire process of extracting data from Google Maps.

Scrape Google business data from anywhere

No extra charges for extracting the data

Made for pure leads.

With Google Business Extractor, you can extract and save tons of business data to your database and then use it for marketing your business products. Build your niche audience in the most affordable way.

Get Started

Start with easy steps

Google Business extractor works in a simple way and extracts data from all over Google's business listing.
  • 1.

    Install and Run

    An easy to install and run software that requires no additional memory and space in your device.

  • 2.

    Extract Data

    Extract all the information of a business by entering the location and keyword for your search.

  • 3.

    Save Information

    Save all the extracted data in a CSV format and then use it for targeting your niche audience.

Works easy and super simple

Google Business Extract is used to extract and scrape the data from business listings. Scrape email addresses, phone numbers, business names, zip codes, address, and other fields which can be used for marketing.
Extract the following fields easily.
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Business Addresses
  • Zip Codes
  • Country
  • Map Location

Watch the Demo Video

Watch the video to understand the software.

Customer satisfaction






Features that increase the productivity

Google Business extract includes the premium features that increase the usability and productivity of the business. Google Maps does not provide only directions, but it gives the complete details of the business including images, products, services, and customer reviews which are useful to decide the business. As a marketer, you can use this information to advertise your product and services to your niche audience.

No Limit

While using the software, you do not have to stay in the limit. Extract the data and choose your audience without any limit.

Lifetime Use

Use the software for a lifetime, no restrictions, no expiry, no risk. Enjoy the software for lifetime.

Easy to Export

Easy export your extracted data into a common format and then use it for targeting and advertising your business.

Extract Emails

Emails are not listed in Google Business but this tool also scrapes the emails which makes it easy for marketing using them.


We provide both individual and reseller packages that you can choose from.

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