5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing to Boost Your Business

5 things to know about digital marketing

Internet is that magic wand the older generations once talked about. It’s the key to that door that would keep them wondering “only if we could work from home” and “only if we could work with people from all around the world from one place.”

What once seemed impossible has now become possible, thanks to the internet. Coming back to the point, digital marketing is the essence of the use of the internet. All businesses nowadays use digital marketing strategies as there is such a wide audience that you can reach out to without practically spending anything at all. Sounds interesting, right?

Read below for the five things you need to know about digital marketing to boost your business:

1.    WhatsApp Marketing is the King

WhatsApp needs no introduction – it is one of the most used applications in the entire world, and almost all people of all ages use it religiously, on a daily basis. What started off as a fun application for texting and calling has now become the core of marketing in the digital world. Businesses can easily reach out to the potential and the existing clientele to ensure that they are connected. If they are conducting any marketing campaigns, they can make use of this application that too for free.

When you are sending promotional messages on a network or mobile carrier, the chances are that people will never open it; moreover, it will cost you per text as well. However, with WhatsApp, you can make a broadcast message and send it to everyone in your contact list at once only, and it will not cost anything. Moreover, people use WhatsApp all day, so there are higher chances that they will read the message.

It’s a win-win in all ways!

2.    Facebook Marketplaces Actually Work

While Facebook might be a Zuckerberg’s mistake, it surely has connected people really well. And to top it off, buying and selling on Facebook is at their peak. Nowadays, people post all the things they have in stock or are willing to sell, and other people comment and negotiate, and it’s sold. People also often leave the link to their website or page handle so people can open and like it, increasing the reach.

If you are hopping onto the digital marketing world, then you must use Facebook to increase the reach of your business. You will be able to promote your business with the help of Facebook ads as well, which will increase the reach to the target audience by many times. It’s totally magic.

3.    Emails Need to be Catchy

Hiring a good copywriter is the backbone of a promotional email that sells. If you are not willing to invest in a copywriter who will be able to indulge the people in opening the email sent, then an email will not be of any use to you. For emails to work and convert, the email needs to be so interesting that people cannot resist opening it or finding out what’s actually written.

Secondly, do not spam if you are spamming a recipient. They’re likely to block you or unsubscribe to the emails. It’s best if you send emails with promotional content only once in a while. You can use some popular email marketing tools that are free to use:

4.    Target the Correct Audience

We have seen much business that is spending so much money on targeting the wrong audience; do not do that. There is only a certain audience that will be interested in your product. For example, if you are selling ladies’ clothing, your target audience should be women of a specific age. If you are targeting men, women, children, and everyone, then that will be a lot of money that goes to waste and will not even convert.

Narrow down the target audience for maximum sales.

5.    Make Use of Pictures

Humans are visual creatures – we are attracted by what we see and not what we read. Make sure your marketing campaign involves visuals and colors. You can also research the psychology of colors. For example, if you are a food brand, you can make use of the colors red and yellow since, as per the psychology of colors, these colors make you feel hungry, and that is why most food chains such as McDonald’s, pizza hut, Hardees and KFC make use of these colors.

We know it seems too much for a digital marketing campaign, but it is worth it. If you want to stick with only one, you must go for WhatsApp marketing to have the highest conversion rates.