5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Digital Campaign

5 digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing is not just our tomorrow but also our today. That puts you on the map in the whole business world, no matter what field you are in. Whether you are running an eCommerce business, business in the service industry, real estate business, or whether you are selling products – you will need digital marketing to familiarize your potential clientele with your business, so they know you exist. Think about it; if the target clientele does not know that your business exists, how will they reach out to you?

Its role is not only to familiarize the target market with your business but also the services you provide or some of the offers. For example, if you are running a clothing brand and having a Christmas sale coming up, how will you let the target market know? Sales are only useful when people are shopping, or else not.

If you are someone willing to take your business up a notch, find these five proven digital marketing strategies that will change your business’s dynamics.

Strategizing is the backbone of any campaign, and to find some of the best strategies you could use, keep reading below:

1.    WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications for both android and apple users. There are currently 2 billion WhatsApp users in the world who use WhatsApp frequently. And the reports conclude that half a billion WhatsApp users increase every two years. THAT IS A BIG NUMBER!

If you are looking for a digital marketing strategy, then without any further delay, you should get on with WhatsApp marketing. One of the most prominent benefits of this strategy is that it is free. You can download WhatsApp on your phone through the apple store or google play store.

By now, you might be thinking about how you can use WhatsApp marketing. Then keep reading below;

How to Adopt WhatsApp Marketing?

Once you have downloaded WhatsApp, you will have the contacts you have in your phone automatically visible on WhatsApp. You can send an introduction to your business, what services you are offering, and even if there are any sales and discounts.

If your campaign revolves around bringing more people to your website for SEO purposes or PPC, then you need to write a catchy message and add the link to your website so people can click on it.

No, you will not have to send it to everyone individually. There is a broadcast message option where you can add the contacts, and boom: it will send to all those in the list at once.

2.    Facebook Marketing

Social marketing is on the rise, and whenever we talk about social media, Facebook comes at the top. There are many Facebook marketplaces where you can find many potential buyers. All you need to do is make a post introducing your business or writing down what you’re offering, and you’ll be good to go. Many potential buyers will reach out to you and get familiar with your business, and your network will grow.

3.    Website Marketing

Making a website is one of the best ways for your digital marketing campaigns. Once you make a website start adding content to it regarding your services or related to it. However, make sure that your website has a narrowed niche this way; it will allow you to reach maximum reach. When you go for this digital marketing strategy, there are two strategies that you need to keep in mind that we will discuss in the next two methods below.

4.    Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click

While this strategy is related to website marketing, but it’s something that will increase the effectiveness of website marketing. Search engine optimization or SEO is what helps your website to rank. Meaning, there will be dozens of people who will be offering the same services as you, but have you ever thought about why they get more visitors than you? It’s because of SEO.

There are some tricks for SEO ranking which allow your link to show on the first page at the top of the page on google. You add relevant keywords, so when someone types those on google, they find your link, which will help in increase of conversion rate.

Pay Per Click is an effective way of digital marketing to pay some of the top websites with high amounts of visitors to run your advertisements. When they run your ads, your business will get more exposure (and that’s what we want). Every time someone will click on your ad, you will have to pay the website a certain amount, and that will help them earn while you will get more visitors – increasing the conversion rate.

5.    Email Marketing

Email marketing is gaining popularity very quickly, and if you want to adopt a digital marketing strategy for your campaign, then it’s a good one. Almost everyone uses email these days, and you can easily find many email addresses, and you can start sending them promotional emails. Sending emails is free, easy, and useful. All you need to do is have a good copywriter on your team.

While all these marketing strategies are beneficial, WhatsApp marketing always proves to be much more effective.